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From 2012 to date, my artistic practice has sought to explore the images and narratives that emerge from the scenarios of political and popular violence in Chile. Historically, and specifically, I refer to those related to the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) and the post-dictatorial conjuncture (1990 to date). To this end, I have tried to approach the language of film, political graphics and the historical essay through an expanded notion of the comic format. Through this approach, I have tried to develop a set of works that, between drawing, horror pop and Social History, become a privileged critical and poetic tool for understanding the complex and violent Chilean reality of recent years, insofar as it bursts into it at a time of scarcity of sensitive forms that are not determined by the technical spectacularity of the audiovisual industry or by artistic specialisation. Likewise, I have sought to carry out a graphic-political project that recovers the symbolic territory usurped by the imaginaries and narratives of domination, which today helps us to re-imagine the capacities that popular power in Chile had until before Pinochet.

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